Self​-​titled 45 LP

by Haldol

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released May 22, 2015

Matt Martin- bass, guitar
Geoff Smith- guitar, vocals, insert artwork
Aaron Muchanic- drums, cover artwork

Recorded and mixed by Cassidy McGinley
Mastered by Alex Nagle



all rights reserved


Haldol Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

AUG. 5-20th 2017
8/8- Denver
8/12-San Antonio

Current members:
Aaron M- drums
Geoff S- guitar, vocals
Tiff C- bass

Past members:
Matt Martin
Joey Cantrell
Ryan Saito
Trey Stallings
Sean Flint
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Track Name: Hasbara
Experiencing bloodshed allows you to wield bloodshed,
And the tortured surely know what shrieks can wake the dead.
As they pinkwash themselves, they wash children in red;
Trumpets don't tear down Jericho's walls, it's missiles, instead.
The terrorist title is reserved for the civilian,
While "terrorized" rarely die, genocide receives justification.
Land is land, and land is commodity,
And those who obstruct capital are deserving of cruelty.

The United States raises its children by example.

When oppressed fight oppression, you give them more oppression,
You can shroud it in religious rhetoric obsession.
Resistance simply painted as race hate,
How many have to die for a Jewish state?
Track Name: Insomnia in Dream City
Peel open my eyes and deny me sleep-
Force me to dance into the street;
Under the marquees- under invisible stars.
Somnambulist drifts for images of your ghosts;
My dreams have supplied you a hospitable host.
Forever awake in slumber- no refuge in sleep.

Caress my hair, remove my doubt,
Wipe the sweat off from my brow,
Below the towering walls of an edifice,
Show me all the things that I might miss.
I search for a passion that I have lost,
Sleepwalking to items that have a cost-
You place your sales into my mouth,
o that I never awaken in my house.

You own my dreams.
Track Name: Law of Indifference
He said that faith could transcend
This law of indifference-
That bread is eaten by those who do not sow,
Or the rain drenches the just and the unjust.

Our faith moves mountains
By virtue of the absurd.

Your hands are clasped in good will
For children carrying rifles,
But the cocaine and gunpowder still travel up their nose,
And their blood travels into the dirt.

Our faith moves mountains
By virtue of the absurd.

Vitality squandered by idle hands-
Submitting to hope, fate, and pushing energy.
Masturbating hands only please themselves.
Desolate bodies only decay.

Spiritual beds make great comfort
For atrophied bodies and hands.
Track Name: Time Is Not on Our Side
A smooth transition
For a better life,
To cut off frustration
Without a knife.
So, we wait in faith
That "time heals all",
That change comes with a lubricant,
Explosive violence will touch us all.

Fear the violence-
Time's not on our side.
Feel the violence-
Time's not on our side.

We grease the machine
In hopes it'll change its task,
Enabling the usual-
Accepting roles that it cast.
Satisfied in slavery
To a device that we control;
Masters of their own destiny
Toil to forfeit such a role.

Fear the violence-
Time's not on our side.
Feel the violence-
Time's not on our side.
Track Name: Beyond the Pleasure Principle
The pleasure that you give me,
In just an exchange of words
Could become dysphoria in a day.
Every choice could consume us in fire-
Determination to make a bed of a pyre,
And the wind could blow our ashes away.

And as you martyr yourself,
I'll think you as a saint.
Lighting candles hoping that you'll guide me time to time.
There would be things I'd never tell you
To alleviate the pain,
And we could torment each other to become sublime.